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AI will streamline game development for realism and sustainability » Guillaume Vergnas

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Guillaume Vergnas is Head of Esports, Gaming & Web3 at BWT Alpine F1 Team and the perfect person to talk about how to drive innovation from Formula 1 to Web3. We got you a short teaser about the unique perspective on Alpine NFT's innovative journey, from their roots in the high-speed, technology-driven world of Formula 1 to the equally dynamic and cutting-edge realm of #Web3, in today’s article.

🤾🏻‍♂️ Introducing AI in eSports

Although I am not an expert of AI, I believe that AI will revolutionize gaming in the same way as many other applications. With regards to gaming, it could support studios with creating more realistic games with less development time & in a more sustainable way. The user experience will also be positively impacted with an always adapting gaming environment.

🚨 The future at Alpine

We are excited to develop more / more fan engagement programs within Alpine. The brand is growing exponentially, and that growth will be massively supported by a strong fan engagement program which of course will incorporate a lot of web3 applications.

Leading the implementation of the $Alpine fan token was very exciting, for example. Working with experts like Binance in creating the token is fantastic. In terms of fan experiences, we have been working towards more and more utility for the token and more experiences and rewards for the fans.

👨🏻‍💻 Choosing Web3-based loyalty programs

I will start with the benefits, web3 communities are probably the most engaged and dedicated. Because, in the end, the project is a success, they benefit from that too. But above all, they are passionate about the brand and really feel part of a close community.

The risk is that if you make mistakes, it is a community that will make you pay for it. It is a space with very high expectations that has been exposed to many scams during the bull market. Web2 companies should not underestimate the high level of expectations from web3 communities.

🧬 A glimpse into the future

Alpine, through its involvement in Formula 1, World Endurance Championship, Esports, and many different competitions in both circuit and rally grounds, is committed to technology and its role is to innovate in the space. We monitor AI and Web3 alongside our wide range of technological partners like Microsoft, Xbox, Binance, Qan Platform, and many others.

To conclude...

✍🏻 Alpine is more than an automotive brand; it is also a tech sport brand chasing higher and more cutting-edge technologies. Alpine will develop rapidly other the next few years and will continue to tap into new tech ventures.

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