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Disrupting the Tech Scene: Inside the Agile Execution Strategy of Orion Innovation

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Orion Innovation a global perspective

Orion Innovation is a leading digital transformation and product development services firm. Headquartered in Edison, NJ, we have a global team of over 6,400 associates, with engineers in 12 major delivery centers in North America, EMEA, APAC, and LATAM. For 30 years, Orion has been solving complex business problems for our customers.

Our transformative business solutions are built on digital strategy, experience design, and engineering, enabling our clients to operate with agility at scale. We work with a wide range of clients in diverse industries, including high-tech, telecommunications and media, professional services, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, sports and entertainment, and education.

Orion Innovation Romania

Established in 2010, WEDOS Internet, a.s. has been at the forefront of delivering exemplary web hosting solutions. Over the past decade, we have become the largest web hosting provider in the Czech Republic. Due to our commitment to quality and cybersecurity, we have also achieved numerous milestones including ISO certifications (ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 27017, 27018). One of our two private data centers uses oil-cooled servers and the excess heat is transferred to a local swimming pool.


In March 2021, the US-based digital transformation and product development services firm Orion Innovation acquired Tellence Technologies (“Tellence”) a leading provider of high-tech Software & Engineering services, established in 2012, in Bucharest, by Leo Radu and Efi Levinzon. The growth of the company gave all our employees the opportunity to scale up their careers and be a part of a Global community.

Our focus is attracting and hiring top talent, creating a valuable working environment that will help our associates develop both their hard and soft skills and work with the newest technologies available on the market.

We make it our priority to listen to the concerns and aspirations of each of our engineers so that everybody feels that they have a voice; and create a feeling of community, and belonging, in our efforts to build an inclusive company culture.

In Romania, Orion had business with more than 100 top technologies companies along the years, supplying software services for sectors such as telecommunications, cyber security, media, automotive, satellite communications, semiconductors, etc. The Romanian operation is expected to continue its rapid expansion, growing to over 1,000 engineers in the coming years.

Grow your career with us!

We have great partnerships with clients all over the world, such as Israel, the UK, and Bulgaria, leading to exciting international opportunities for our employees. Our company stands as a vibrant hub of diverse projects and roles from various domains, such as Hi-Tech, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Automotive, Cybersecurity, Networking, Financial Services, Retail, etc. All our employees collaborate in an inclusive and supportive atmosphere, working closely within international teams, encouraging, and inspiring each other to contribute with their unique perspectives and for having great outcomes.

Moreover, the seniority of the teams is remarkably high, so we focus on mentorship, leadership, and knowledge sharing, having amazing resources in this regard. Our commitment to the well-being of our people is reflected in the flexible work schedules, including healthcare benefits, and initiatives fostering a harmonious balance between personal and professional development. Furthermore, we embolden our team members by granting them access to an array of educational courses and industry-recognized certifications, nurturing their continuous personal and professional growth.


“At Orion Romania, we encourage the growth and development of our employees. I want to remind you that there are various resources, training programs, and mentorship opportunities available to help you enhance your skills and advance in your career. Take advantage of these resources and seize every chance to learn and grow. Your success is important to us, and we are here to support you along the way.” - Leo Radu, our Country Leader, entrepreneur, general manager, and executive with wide international experience.

Proud of our long-term collaborations, we reward employees who stay with us by offering gift vouchers or extra vacation days. Even though we treasure the high quality of work, we also keep in mind that the comfort of our people is especially important, so we have created an office relaxation area, where you can play board games, FIFA, and Foosball.

We promise a warm and welcoming atmosphere where professional growth, teamwork, collaboration, and personal development are highly valued. During our regular team-building activities and events, you will have the chance to personally connect with your colleagues and extend your circle of friends. We encourage open communication and believe that every team member's voice deserves to be heard.


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