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Smart ID, a tech company - Empowering business growth across industries

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Smart ID is a technology company that supports its customers operating in the retail, logistics, manufacturing, HoReCa, and utilities industries to acquire, build, develop, create, and grow with the best hardware and software solutions and automation.

The Smart ID ecosystem includes developed or integrated solutions and complex applications, from ERP, complete omnichannel, to WMS, front office solutions, fiscal printers, electronic labels, mobile equipment, and automation.

On November 8 and 9, Smart ID welcomes you to GoTech World 2023 with comprehensive solutions for the retail industry, ranging from integrated hardware equipment to customized software development and automation systems.

One of Smart ID's strong points at this major Bucharest tech event is the Sceptrum ERP software platform, an enterprise resource planning system developed and improved over more than 20 years. The Sceptrum ERP software solution is specially designed to efficiently manage resources, operations, and data throughout the organization. In addition to the usual functionalities designed for managing specific processes or operations within any company, the platform includes specialized modules dedicated to the retail, manufacturing, HoReCa, logistics, or utilities industries. These specialized modules add additional features to meet the specific needs of these industries.

Sceptrum ERP is hosted in the only TIER 3 certified Data Center in Romania, guaranteeing the latest standards of security and performance, constantly updated as technology and customer requirements evolve.

The choice between accessing the Sceptrum ERP solution On-Premises or in the Cloud offers significant versatility for Smart ID's customers. Regardless of the chosen option, the solution can meet individual needs and budget preferences, either through an initial investment or a more flexible monthly payment option. Annabella, BebeTei, Scandia, Transavia, Unicarm are just some of the customers who have already chosen the Sceptrum solution, which can be tested at Smart ID's booth at the exhibition.

At the GoTech World 2023 event, Smart-ID, together with our partner Global Payments, a leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions, presents integrated solutions for Self-Checkout equipment and card payment terminals.

In this partnership, Global Payments is the end-to-end solution provider of Self-Checkout, consisting of equipment integrated with card payment terminals, partnering with Smart ID for the installation and maintenance of hardware and software of the Self-Checkout equipment.

A major advantage of this partnership is the already existing integration between the POS Expert cash register software solution developed and implemented by Smart ID and the card payment terminals provided by Global Payments. As a payment institution registered with the BNR, Global Payments provides complete services for the acceptance of card payments, such as: the payment terminals, the processing of payments, software and hardware maintenance of payment terminals, as well as transaction authorization and settlement.

Smart Lockers are another modern solution that benefits both retailers and customers. The solution integrates Smart ID hardware, software, and automation, dedicated to logistics, retail, and product traceability. Lockers are built to seamlessly integrate with online order pickup processes in stores and locker delivery.

Another modern Self-Checkout solution that you can test at SMART ID's booth is implemented on the smart shopping cart and represents a personal shopping assistant that uses advanced technology to enhance the interaction between customers and products.

Electronic Shelf Labels are one of the essential solutions for the retail industry, allowing real-time display of prices and product information on digital price tags. Replacing traditional paper labels, prices can be updated remotely with consistency and accuracy.

Thus, through our remarkable participation at GoTech World, SMART ID brings to the forefront the latest and advanced technologies for the retail industry and beyond.

On November 8 and 9, we are ready to welcome you at our Smart ID booth at Romexpo to discuss with our dedicated representatives how the new technologies, including both hardware and software solutions and automation, can improve your operations and contribute to the development of your business.


If you want to meet SMART ID, make sure to attend this year's GoTech World event on November 8-9 📍 ROMEXPO, B1 PAVILION

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