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Systematic’s defence software helps combat the pandemic and more

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The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented pressures on the health services of many countries, and brought social and economic impacts that will be felt for some time to come.

Finding a way to help tackle the pandemic has become a priority for Systematic, “At times like these it is important that companies explore what they can do to help,” says Michael Holm, Systematic’s chief executive officer.

Systematic’s SitaWare Headquarters solution has previously demonstrated its worth on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. For example, In New Zealand, the Defence solutions are used to coordinate relief efforts related to natural disasters.

The New Zealand Defence Force used SitaWare in response to Cyclone Gita and the software is now being employed by several armed forces as they assist their governments.

Defence and Healthcare collaboration

“The team has worked hard to understand how SitaWare Headquarters can be integrated with our proven Columna Flow Capacity Management solution to provide a comprehensive overview of the resources available to combat COVID-19, along with hospital status, capacity, and the number and location of patients, among other information,” Holm noted.

Columna Flow Capacity Management is used by the health authorities in the North Denmark Region and Randers Regional Hospital. The solution is scalable and has utility at a country-wide level right down to individual wards.

The software is focused on providing information on the number of patients, bed capacity, and available equipment, importantly it provides a visualization of this data that is easy to understand and access. Columna Flow Capacity Management also includes a forecasting tool that can project bed occupancy numbers and the duration of admissions.

How SitaWare tackled Covid-19 pandemic across the globe

Over the last few months, Ireland, New Zealand and Germany have used SitaWare to create an overview of the capacity in hospitals during the pandemic. The system have also given the countries the ability to coordinate helicopter flights for corona patients and monitor the capacity of hospitals.

The Irish Defence Forces have drawn on their experience of using SitaWare to create a layered solution, enabling a range of agencies to benefit from the software’s planning and situational awareness (SA) capabilities.

SitaWare is employed by all branches of the Irish Defence Forces and the software has filled a number of operational roles, as varied as fisheries protection, peacekeeping in the Middle East, and counter narcotics. Now, under ‘Operation FORTITUDE’, the Defence Forces have used their expertise to build an unclassified common operating picture (COP) in SitaWare Headquarters that can be accessed by agencies working to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

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