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Alwin Bakker
Director Future Mobility Network Group

Session Title:
Stop talking about future cities! Learning by doing; the lessons learned from putting robots in the built environment.

Session Synopsis:
The future of mobility is not certain. We must therefore already experiment with the solutions of the future. Alwin takes you through the lessons learned from more than 15 projects with delivery robots, self-driving shuttles, and automatic ferries. In addition, he will pay attention to mobility hubs as a solution for today's city.  Learn by doing and stop talking about it. The future is now!

About Alwin
He's the owner and founder of The Future Mobility Network Group, a company that has grown in 6 years into an innovative and ambitious club of change agents who put new applications in the built environment into practice. He has more than 25 years of work experience, of which more than 15 years with the government (municipality of Rotterdam). Alwin enthuses people and can get them moving around complex assignments. & with his team have now put 9 self-driving shuttles, 3 delivery robots, and 4 autonomous ferries into operation. 

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Frédéric Sitbon
Central and Eastern Europe Smart City Lead

Session Title:
How to become a smart city with Microsoft's best practices

Session Synopsis:

Sustainability, Energy consumption,  Security, Citizen services, data, quality of life - these words are key for all cities. We will see in this presentation with customers' stories, how a city can be connected with Microsoft technology which helps municipalities to cover all these pillars & bring a lot of value to cities.

About Frédéric
He's a Smart city lead for Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe HQ and an expert on smart city subjects. He has a lot of experience with Microsoft as he’s working at Microsoft for 24 years in different roles from Technical, Sales, and Management roles.  As smart city leads for the region he’s working on Eastern Europe smart cities projects with Microsoft technology.  Note that Fred is also Deputy Mayor of Asnières-sur-Seine. Asnières-Sur-Seine is a city (commune) with 90 000 citizens, which lies on the left bank of the river Seine, some eight kilometers from the center of Paris in the north-western suburbs of the French capital. He's also Vice President of Sipperec, a French public establishment for inter-municipal cooperation for energy, and digital technologies, and is also a Vice President of Velib’ Metropole, a Well-known French organization that proposes rental bicycles in Paris and cities around Paris (like Asnières).

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Carmen Raal
Digital Transformation Adviser
e-estonia negru.png

Session Title:
The future is already here: how Estonia is building the smartEST living environment in the world.

Session Synopsis:

Estonia is building human-centric and inclusive cities through smart city planning solutions, and the utilization of big data.  Cross-border collaboration is integral to creating future-proof cities and building smart solutions with a limited amount of resources. This is why Estonia and Finland have joined hands, and created FinEst Twins, where two countries collaborate on innovating living environments in both countries.   Public-private partnership is integral. Estonia acts as a testbed, where companies can come and test their solutions in a supportive environment.

About Carmen
As a Digital Transformation Adviser et e-Estonia, Carmen’s knowledge lies in the digitalization of public sector services and the creation of smarter cities. Carmen has seen first-hand how human-centric solutions bring positive change to societies. Her daily job consists of advising other central and local city governments on how to bring innovation to their regions. Carmen’s academic background in political science and her graduate degree in public administration and innovation help to better understand the underlying sociopolitical conditions needed for technological change.

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Timo Ruohomäki
Program Director

Session Title:
Smart Cities - What's Next?

Session Synopsis:

How digitalization can be human centric? - What is the difference between industrial and urban digital twins? - What are the actual pain points preventing cities going more digital?

About Timo
Timo Ruohomäki leads the Data and IoT program at Forum Virium Helsinki, the innovation company of the city of Helsinki. His role is to identify opportunities in the innovation scene, including European Union Digital Europe and Horizon Europe programs and look for activities to support the city strategy on being the most functional city in the world. Prior to joining Forum Virium, Mr. Ruohomäki acted as a consultant, head of ICT and project manager on companies providing enterprise level software systems and facility management services. His educational background is in electrical engineering, combined with studies in adult education.

forum helsinki.png

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Răzvan Mocanu
Digital City and IoT Manager

Session Title:
Smart City for energy efficiency

Session Synopsis:

In order to tackle the challenges associated with city growth and the development of smart cities, authorities and ICT integrators need to work side by side. Razvan will bring unique insights from the local market on what smart city means to its citizens, combined with know-how from  projects already implemented in Romanian cities, with a focus on energy efficiency solutions such as EV Charging, smart parking, smart lighting and Waste Management.

About Răzvan
Business professional with over 15 years’ experience in IT&C, Technical Sales and Business Development. With a degree Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology and a  master's degree in Cybernetics, Razvan has a very good understanding of the IT and telecom industries as well as of technology vendors, and go-to-market strategies. His expertise ranges from 2G, 3G and LTE Networks to complex transport infrastructures and Smart City solutions.

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Dr. Christian von Albrichsfeld
Country Head of Continental Romania and R&D Head

Session Title:
Smart Mobility: Sustainable, Safe, Efficient, Affordable and Seamless

Session Synopsis:

Dr. Christian von Albrichsfeld, Head of Country Continental Romania & General Manager Continental Automotive Romania SRL, will offer a keynote speech about the pioneering technologies and services Continental is developing for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods, considering the future mobility trends, challenges and needs in different geographical areas (such as the city, the surrounding area, the national and international traffic). The focus will be on smart mobility, that should be understood as a dynamic system with many actors and permanent human-machine interaction, which above all should ensure mobility, shorten travel times, increase comfort, and reduce the costs of using means of transport.

About Dr. Christian
Christian von Albrichsfeld graduated at the Technical University in Darmstadt, Germany in 1992 and received a doctoral degree in robotics and artificial intelligence from the same University in 1997. In the same year he joined the technology company Continental, being today one of the most important suppliers for the automotive industry worldwide, where he worked in research projects and in the technical management for innovative automotive systems.  Since 2009 he is the General Manager of Continental Automotive Romania, representing also as Country Head Continental in Romania, coordinating its activities with currently more than 17.500 employees in Timisoara, Sibiu, Nadab, Carei and Iasi at national level. At the same time, he is the manager for Research and Development.  In 2012 he received the title of Honorary Professor of the Politehnica University of Timisoara. He is Vice President of the German Economic Club Banat, Vice President of the Executive Board of the Politehnica University of Timisoara, and Vice President of the German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. 

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Levente Toth
Founder & CEO

Session Title:
How to instantly save money and time with Urbaniqe? - your revolutionary urban mobility app just arrived

Session Synopsis:

Urbaniqe is a technology startup company. We are revolutionizing urban mobility by a super innovative smartphone only lightweight fleet management solution based on machine learning. It is designed for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles operated by small businesses or daily commuters. It helps you instantly save on fuel expenses, get rid of stress of fleet management for good and go green by just a few clicks. The app is available in Google Play and App Store in Romanian. You can simply start a free trial journey up to 60 days without requesting any credit card credentials.  After a successful soft launch Urbaniqe is going to market in Romania autumn 2022. First, we’d like to create a common understanding around urban mobility challenges Urbaniqe tackles. Then, we present a new fleet assistant called Urbaniqe, an innovative and affordable mobile only fleet management application that simply works.

About Levente
Graduated in MBA, married and a proud father of three. I share core leadership values such as walking the talk, stretch mentality and transformational mindset. Gained 15+ years sound leadership experience in mobile telecommunications (T-Mobile, Telenor). Experienced CEO/CMO with proven track record who is always ready to go the extra mile.   Made a deep dive into the economics of the technology exponentials driving disruption. Having gained an insight into the digital transformation of industries, arrived at a comprehensive understandig of the business and personal transformations needed to stay relevant in the digital era.

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Radu Dragomir
Chief Executive Officer

Session Title:
How green is your urban plan? (Panel)

About Radu
Radu Dragomir is a professional expert in creating and managing Urban Renewal Projects, he opens strategic line of communication between Municipalities , Source for Financing Bodies and Businesses to create successful projects with a focus on “City for People”.    In particular, he is focused on topics like sustainable development, circular economy, smart city/communities, e-governance and green investments.    With over 20 year’s experience in creating synergies between public and private sector, with expertise in management, strategic planning, project implementation, and project financing, Radu develop projects with a total budget of 750 mil euro in the last 4 years.

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Mihai Anghel
Mayor, Snagov

Session Title:
How green is your urban plan? (Panel)

About Mihai
My name is Mihai Anghel, I am 45 years old and I am the mayor of Snagov. I have been in the service of my community since 2004, but I have only held this position for two years. The principle by which I guide myself in life says that, when something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. I don't like promises and lies and I firmly believe that the truth must govern the activity of any politician.

Raul Apostoiu
President of the Digitalization and Smart City Strategy Commission

Session Title:
How green is your urban plan? (Panel)

About Raul
From my activity as an advisor in the Local Council of the Municipality of Sibiu, I have noticed since the pandemic the need to accelerate the digital transformation at the level of local public authorities. Being an entrepreneur in the field of information technology as well as modern identification, my desire was to be actively involved in accelerating the digital transformation but also to develop a strategy and propose Smart City concepts at the level of the city of Sibiu. Out of the desire to put these wishes into practice, we brought to the same table representatives of the business environment, the university environment and NGOs, politicians and also specialized representatives from the town hall. The established commission contributes to the sustainable development strategy and proposes Smart City concepts and projects in close collaboration with the local community.

Sibiu City Council
Eduard Dumitrașcu


About Eduard
Eduard Dumitrașcu is the President of the Romanian Smart City Association, Associate Professor at The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, trainer at The National Institute of Administration, trainer at Smart City Academy.   The vision he has for the Association is to set the bases of a strong, innovative, sustainable developed, digitally educated nation with involved citizens and universal accessibility for all groups, genders, kinds of contributors to a constructive community. He is highly focused on smart cities and communities development.  Eduard is co-author of the book Smart Cities, from idea to implementation (2018, Universul Academic, C. Vrabie, E. Dumitrascu). He also initiated together with the National Standardization Body - ASRO a collaboration agreement on the elaboration, publication and adoption at national level of the International Standards on the sustainable and sustainable development of smart communities and cities (ISO). He launched Smart City Magazine (2016), Smart City Caravan (2017), Smart City Academy (2018), he is also the initiator and organizer of Smart City Industry Awards, ( annually since 2016, gala ceremony to award contributions to the smart city development projects and more. 2021 is the year dedicated to improving air quality measures in schools, by the objectives of the program City Air.   During the last five years, Eduard created an ecosystem for smart cities, starting from scratch. Before the Romanian Smart City Association there was little to no interest in the topic. With a positive approach, mobilizing the best actors in the field, learning from best practices, traveling for learning, sharing the information, he managed to create a pool of experts and to create free accessible tools for the administration. His main focus was on Creating the ecosystem for educating and empowering the local administration to set the basis for improving the public the quality of the services offered to citizens.

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