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4 Industries Evolved with Automation Software

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

By Kate Evans

Intelligent Automation is a rapidly growing and adaptable form of technology.

Addressing the challenges of scale, velocity, profitability and efficiency, IA has far-reaching possibilities for businesses of all sizes, across a number of sectors including telecommunication, insurance, banking and finance, public sector, retail, aerospace, enterprise, engineering, legal and more.


#1 Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry was one of the first industries to embrace and utilize an Intelligent Automation approach. With access to innovative technology, IA is enabling telecoms organizations to bring to market new competitive services, whilst maximizing legacy infrastructure investments.

Cortex can connect disparate systems to enhance the processes within

Service Provisioning and Assurance and create an exception based environment.

Which allows skilled engineers to be moved into other areas of the business while some remain to handle the exceptions that cannot be fixed by Cortex. 

This allowed one CSP to close 4 Network Operation Centers and increase profitable areas of business.

#2 Insurance

Processing claims, managing workloads, document matching and automated settlements are just some of the ways that the insurance industry has been revolutionized through Intelligent Automation.

Deploying a unified platform, insurance companies have been able to increase their capacity to manage workloads, improve efficiency and increase the accuracy of their processes – boosting ROI and ultimately helping deliver outstanding customer service. 

#3 Banking & Finance

Governance is a core aspect of the banking and finance industry. With comprehensive regulations and strict regulatory bodies, financial firms are under an increasing-pressure to consistently audit and provide a clear overview of all the systems and software they use in practice.

This makes it essential that the software used in industry delivers transparent, and robust, solutions. Intelligent Automation can form a core part of an annual audit for firms, such as investment banks, looking to review user access controls and ensure compliance with SOX requirements – removing the intensive labor-heavy task of manually auditing. 

#4 Public Sector

Government, education and health are just some of the public sectors that can be transformed by automation – but many departments are met with the challenge of understanding where to start.

Red tape, legacy structures and long-term contracts are just some of the barriers to adopting automation – which is why it’s important to understand the Intelligent Automation systems can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems.

Departments don’t need to remove or replace existing infrastructure — they can blend it smoothly with a tailored automation solution. Data privacy and legal compliance is one of the many benefits of advanced Intelligent Automation, guaranteeing a secure and reliable solution for the industry.

Find Out How Intelligent Automation Can Help Your Industry Today

Whatever your business, Intelligent Automation can offer a bespoke solution to improve your performance.

To find out how Cortex’s solutions can benefit your sector, speak to our specialists today.

We work with you to unlock the key possibilities of our software, and to help your team create a comprehensive business strategy that will guarantee success.

Our experts can offer you a free discovery session, showing first-hand the possibilities that an automated system can bring to your organization.


Cortex Intelligent Automation in partnership with Realworld Systems.


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