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At Bytex, We Are Ready for the Future of Work

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

We’ve grown quite a lot in the past few years, and this article is a little testament to how we managed to do it. Our people have been instrumental in every aspect of our evolution, and as an organization do our best to keep everyone engaged. Here’s how:

We put US in Sustainable

When you’ve gone past the milestone of 100 employees, there’s no pleasing everyone with one thing. It’s only natural to have different preoccupations and hobbies, and we like to celebrate this in every way we can.

So we’re welcoming of and proactive about this. The events we organize internally range from hackathons, tree planting & CSR initiatives, parties for all, quizzes of all kinds to simple beer or game nights.

Sometimes just bringing people together for a purpose makes a lot of difference. Out of all the initiatives we’ve had, we discovered that we do like to stay engaged with the local community through different means (mentorship programs, events organized in partnership with the Uni students, etc.), although we’re also keen to encourage our teams to discover and nurture new passions. Want to try speaking in public and are interested in pursuing this? We’ve got you covered. Want to develop organizing skills and help out with different initiatives? You’re welcome aboard. Want to suggest something new entirely that we’ve never tried before? We’re more than open to new ideas.

The way we see it, sustainability is a two-way street. What we do internally helps the environment around us indirectly through our skills and capabilities, and what we do for others helps us become better at things we have a keen interest in.

Internal Mobility

Now, many companies have this listed as a possibility. However, we’re quick to act on it. We, as a company, are aware that it’s in our best interest for people to be genuinely passionate about the work they do every single day, which is why we’re open to any kinds of suggestions in this respect. It may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s often a pleasant surprise for those who decide to join us.

From a business perspective, it checks every talent acquisition aspect from the book: it improves retention, it boosts leadership development or cost and time to hire, it’s a goldmine.

From a team perspective, retention is the number one benefit and it stands out quite clearly. We do think of our people as who Bytex is, and we’re aware that our evolution is actually theirs. The team effort put into every project, the cohesion of a growth-friendly environment that just happens to have the ulterior benefit of working on big, promising projects, the general openness of our inspiring colleagues when it comes to training, knowledge transfer or anything empowering others to achieve more. This is all people-based. Our duty as an organization is just to create an environment that nurtures this kind of interaction long term.

Internal Projects

This is where it truly gets better. Aside from working on customer-based projects, our colleagues choose, from time to time, to devote their time to creating new products from scratch. An example that we’re so proud of is the Bytex Ground Security app, a keyless solution for office access.

People putting their minds together to create something bigger is a powerful thing to witness. It’s why we encourage even our senior team members to participate in hackathons, and to harness the power of a common goal with every occasion.

Remote Is Here to Stay – And We Welcome It

It’s not just once we’ve read that companies tend to brag about their work from home policy. As you can see, I made this our last point of the article.

Not because we don’t believe in it, but on the contrary.

Working remotely, or in a mixed scenario, or from the office are all valid choices that shouldn’t belong to the employer, but to every employee depending on the case.

We’ve designed a desk booking system to support this transition (our own, built by the awesome Bytex people, this we’ll always brag about!), because this kind of flexibility should be non-negotiable and the standard that we’re looking for, not a differentiator.

It sounds so normal, it feels a little silly even writing about – a company doesn’t stand out by allowing people to work in ways that are more convenient and comfortable for them. It’s their right. We should be able to pursue every aspect of our productivity, and to work in places where our preferences are accepted and encouraged through workplace policies.

Curious to see what we’re like? Drop us a line and let’s talk. We’re equally happy to meet you whether you’re currently looking for a job opportunity or not.


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