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Comax – Improving the retail industry through Business Intelligence

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Looking for better ways to increase profit margins, lower operating expenses, improve customer service and increase sales opportunities? With Comax Smart Retail you can achieve all that and so much more – a versatile, affordable, all-in-one software and hardware solution for retail.

Comax is the main provider of Business Intelligence solutions for retailers in Israel. The company’s success is reflected in numerous projects implemented since the latest ERP solution was launched: more than 10000 users, 3500 checkouts and 1500 terminals.

What are the benefits of Business Intelligence for retailers?

As the retail segment is more competitive and fast-paced than ever, getting in line with the latest trends is not an option for entrepreneurs, but a necessity. And Business Intelligence brings many benefits that can help a retailer’s business.

Business Intelligence, or simply BI, is a way of finding valuable information and insights on consumers, using data gathered through a dedicated system. And we are not talking about numbers only, because BI data is also focused on behaviors. The acquired data is valuable for retailers, as it can be used to draw a smart strategy in order to improve the business in all its aspects: from the user’s interaction with the store, restaurant, beauty parlor etc., to decisions regarding the merchandise stocks, keeping track of the inventory and price adjustments. Improving the decision-making and optimizing the management process are two of the most important benefits for companies who use BI.

A retail growth strategy based on what consumers actually need will, of course, be more effective, compared to something based on presumed ideas. Business Intelligence allows companies to make the best decisions, based on real time data and insights.

How can Business Intelligence for retail be implemented in a smart & easy way?

Reaping BI’s benefits in the retail industry can be achieved only if the company is choosing to integrate in its strategy a solution specifically tailored for this segment. And this is where Comax comes in handy, through Comax Smart Retail, previously known in Romania as Bina Smart Business. Currently, the cloud computing leader is going through a rebranding process, aligning the brand’s mission, vision and products under a fresh new name for the Romanian market.

As Bina Smart Business becomes Comax Smart Retail, some things will remain unchanged: the innovative technology, the high level of security, the constant support for customers, and the ease of implementation.

But how can such a complex solution become easy to implement, one may ask. The answer is simple: tailoring the solution, so it can perfectly match the business’ needs. At Comax, the experts are aware of the fact that every business is unique, especially in the retail industry, and this is why they focus on providing the best solution for each customer, regardless of the segment. Plus, the user-friendly interface and the constant support are two more reasons why it’s safe to say that Comax is simplifying the technology for retail.

About Comax Smart Retail

Comax Smart Retail is a platform developed by Native Data System, the leader in cloud computing in Israel. Since it was founded, in 1995, the company focuses on ERP services and information systems for businesses.

The first ever ERP system was developed by Native Data System in an AS/400 environment. It was successfully implemented in real-estate and building-related retail market. Understanding and anticipating the future needs in retail, Native Data System developed Comax Smart Retail ERP in 2002, a platform focused on the wholesale and retail food markets. The innovative solution is nowadays used by Israel’s largest retailers.

At Comax, technology and intelligence are brought together by a team of experts passionate about innovation, with the purpose of making smart solutions accessible to each and every retailer. The platform is suitable for small, medium, or large retail businesses. Thankfully, the cloud-based data ecosystem is also available for the Romanian retailers, who are more and more open to using digital tools that allow them to run a successful operation.

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