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Get premium exposure to 15,000+ tech lovers and business experts for your company

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Your company will own a specific virtual  booth for 2 days.

The perfect spot where you can interact and present your project or solutions with the participants,

This will provide both branding and lead potential for your company while being surrounded by a network of 15.000+ digital professionals. 


 Get extra brand exposure through:

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Personalized Booth

The perfect spot where you can interact and present your project or solutions with the participants.

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Chat with prospects

Use our chat feature to interact with people, exchange business cards during the event and build connections.

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E-Mail Marketing

We have a dedicated e-mail campaign signed by your company, where you choose the topic and write about it.

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Your own blog post

It is up to you to choose the topic of the article and we will make sure that people will see it and read it on our blog page.

You can write about your own product, solution or even a sneak peek for your upcoming speech on stage.

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Press Release

Your company will be mentioned as a partner in our upcoming press releases.

We want to keep people up to date with our materials, so be sure that you will be mentioned quite frequently when we are appearing in the media.

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Print Media

Your company's logo will appear on all of our printed goods.

The logo will have its place on all of our materials before, during and after the event so you will also have this part covered when it comes to visibility in the market.


For additional information or personalized event participation offers, please fill in the following form from the button below.

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