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Cognizant: Intuition Engineering in the Businesses Modernizing Era

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Because Cognizant is one of the oldest innovation partners at the GoTech World events, we want you to learn more about us! 

This year we’ve prepared for those who attended the GoTech World event a keynote about “Integration testing made easy” by our colleague Tudor Codrea, Senior Java Engineer. The presentation aimed to reduce the integration testing to effortless work by introducing a complete suite of handling API contract integration testing. Tudor talked about how to leverage this best within a microservice-oriented architecture, provided the participants with a cleaner way of organizing stubs, and showed them how to create integration tests that are easy to maintain. The approach presented by Tudor allows for early contract breaking between the consumer and producer, keeping the focus on consumer and business logic, and, as a bonus, it eliminates the need for any extra ops/environment dependencies.

⚙️ The participants who visited our booth were invited to enjoy three types of activities, all made in-house by our talented colleagues:

🤖 Playing with our Interactive Robot

The Alpha1 robot that was present at our booth was made by our colleague, Aura Popescu, Senior Android Engineer, using Kotlin, Python, and Java. The robot was ready to identify the moods of the participants by analyzing their drawings made at our booth or directly their faces. Following the analysis, it assigned them a mood, and based on it he started the dance show! The moods that can be identified by Alpha1 are sad, insecure, happy, fearful & angry.

🏢 Taking a virtual tour through one of our offices

By using the AR App, Office Explorer, the participants were able to take a virtual tour through one of our offices in Romania, while playing a Treasure Hunt Game. The app was developed by our colleagues, iOS engineers, in Swift, using the SwiftUI and NavigationStack frameworks. During the virtual visit, each participant had to complete 2 missions within the given time: to find 4 hidden symbols and to correctly answer a question about us. Don’t worry, it wasn’t that difficult! All the information about us can be found in the multiple Info Points placed on the game map.

🪢 Testing their tech knowledge

Through our Tech Quiz App, participants were able to test their Tech knowledge in different areas such as .NET, Java, AI, Android, iOS, Mobile Cross Platform, QA, Web, and many more. High scores were rewarded with goodies from our booth!

More information about us

The biggest brands people rely on every day, rely on our people every day. Cognizant partners with global clients in several industries, including Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Communication Media & Technology, and Retail & MLEU to build products that create meaningful experiences and predictable business outcomes. 

Digital product engineering is the core of the company’s business. We intentionally designed our next-generation collaboration hubs to become emerging technology incubators and/or business accelerators, where our consultants and our partners co-create and innovate to deliver outstanding solutions.

Cognizant has collaboration hubs in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, and Baia Mare, setting the strategic direction, solution, and support for our client businesses. If you want to learn more about Cognizant visit our website!

As the GoTech World 2023 theme is “AI Builds Tomorrow”, we want to talk about how Artificial Intelligence & Analytics are at the core of our business. We have designed four core cognitive architectures to address major use case categories and enable clients to build new value with generative AI capabilities. Neuro AI is our platform for accelerating understanding, consumption, and customization of state-of-the-art generative AI models to develop enterprise-grade solutions. This helps clients advance from identifying company-specific use cases to operationalizing AI and they can harness the value of generative AI in a flexible, secure, scalable, and responsible way.

If you want to meet Cognizant, make sure to attend this year's GoTech World event on November 8-9 📍 ROMEXPO, B1 PAVILION

Your ticket is just a click away...

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