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Do you want to work in an Innovation Hub? This is what you need to know:

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

By 2025, fifty percent of the world’s employees need reskilling, according to the World Economic Forum.

Most skills are soft skills, half related to problem-solving, and the rest include self-management, technology use and development, and working with other people skills. Technology and expertise, in general, remain the base on which to grow the other skills.

Check out below the changes in required skills trends over the last years, with the growth of self-thinking competencies or more complex human abilities, and the newcomers, focused on technology use, design and programming.

The good news is that the most complex jobs of tomorrow can be mastered within 12 months (of continuous learning and practice)!

But why not start today?

Change is hard, the unknown makes it even harder, but we all know James Clear’s formula, showing that starting today will ease the pressure tomorrow:

Our Innovation HUB, the central structure of ideas and product development in our company, requires most of the needed skills of tomorrow, such as analytical thinking, product mindset, innovation, self-management and willingness to contribute outside your comfort zone. All of these and more, with a drop of passion, that (have you heard?): can be grown!

Most of us in the tech industry contribute to machine learning, AI and other

forms of work automatization. Ask yourselves a question: how much of what I do will be automated within a few years or so? Consequently, what will your competitive advantage be then? Well, the answer may very well be the value you create, the impact you have. All of these happen when tech experience is strengthened by solid soft skills.

We make sure you are prepared for the skills beauty

contest of tomorrow!

IT Smart Systems is a boutique software company with craftsmanship in digital experience, identity management, and we’re pioneering the Romanian open banking ecosystem, working both on enterprise brain training projects and neo-products.

You can find out more about some of the neo-products we develop here: Ryke and Smart Pay. Find us also on the Retail and E-Commerce Stage at GoTech World. So tell us what you think by visiting our virtual booth, and let's explore together more ways to keep up with the hot trends of today (technical, industry, and soft skills-wise)!

You just received an inspirational pill! Take our survey to inspire us back and win a cool drone by doing so!

Also, just a heads-up on how you can find more about us: IT Smart Systems is launching the ITSS Meet-up Series in 2022. Stay tuned - because we are tackling Java first! Just take our survey at the booth and we'll keep you posted.


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