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Make your business smarter with automation controllers and devices!

The use of smart devices is beneficial for both home and business automation. They help you save money and time while providing your employees with a comfortable working environment. If you are interested in making your office safer and more pleasant, we present you with three smart solutions that will help.

Smart door locks

If a regular lock is perfect for locking the door, you will feel unstoppable in keeping your office safe with a smart lock. It offers intelligent functions designed to ensure both increased comfort and high security.

Here are the main advantages of a smart lock:

- Remote control

Forget about the physical key to lock your office. A smart lock allows you to close the door via an app or voice control.

- Know when your employees are coming in and out

Giving your employees access keys or monitoring their office hours can take time and effort. A smart lock allows you to use passcodes and effectively monitor your employees’ work schedules.

- Enhanced security

Adding a smart lock to your office is a necessity for enhanced security. By controlling it via an app, you will be notified if someone uninvited tries to enter your office.

- Affordable

Using smart door locks is affordable for your business. You can manage access authorization for your employees or cleaning staff via a free app. Nuki Smart Locks offers you the free Nuki App and the Nuki Web interface – perfect for reducing costs and increasing the security of your business.

- Easy to manage

When you want to open a door, all you have to do is to open the app on your phone and press a button. It’s simple, with no codes to memorize and no physical keys.

- Never worry about locking the door

With a smart door lock, you will never worry about locking the door at your office. No matter where you are, you will always know if your office is locked, having the guarantee of increased security.

Smart climate control system

Did you ever return to a hot workplace? This leads to an increased waste of energy, but it can be avoided by using an intelligent climate control system.

The main advantages of a smart climate control system for your business are the following:

- Setting a specific temperature for every room

With an intelligent climate of temperature control, you can set a specific temperature for each room of your business. Setting the temperature for each room gives you comfort and helps you save energy.

- Increases the energy efficiency

The maintenance costs of an office building can be high, but automation allows you to reduce them considerably. The heat can be turned off when you are not at the office, so it can be turned on before you return.

- Monitoring the costs of energy bills

With a smart climate system, it's easy to know exactly how much you spend on your energy bills. Tado Smart Thermostat gives you a monthly energy consumption report, so you know exactly how much you’re consuming and whether adjustments are needed.

- Controlling the temperature in your office remotely

You can control the temperature in your office via an app. You can also create scenarios like turning on the heat at specific intervals to streamline energy consumption and ensure your employees’ comfort.

Water Leak Sensor Kits

Water leaks occur at the most inappropriate times when you are away from the office and cannot intervene. Unfortunately, the costs they produce can be considerable. With a water leak sensor kit, they can be prevented.

Here is what a water leak sensor kit can do for you

- Flood Detection

Every time the sensor detects water, it sends an alert to your phone so that you can intervene on time. Using the Aqara Water Leak Sensor Kit will activate the local alarm in the Aqara Hub to prevent leakage and flooding.

- Home automation

It communicates with other smart devices from your home when excess water is detected to prevent flooding.

- It automatically turns the water off

Once a leak is detected, the smart water leak sensor turns the water off. Using the Aqara Water Leak Sensor with a solenoid water valve immediately triggers the Aqara Smart Plug to turn off the solenoid valve.

With these three smart solutions, you can increase your office’s comfort and security while reducing the cost of your bills.


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