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The automation of empathy during Coronavirus era

We are all affected by this period. Businesses as well. Actually, most companies have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Some are still struggling, others have found the way through. But but no matter their situation they have all learned that now its the time of empathy and adaptability.

Why empathy?

Because empathy shows consumers that businesses not only care about their customers but they also understand and can relate to them. And this brings us to a relevant point of discussion: automation.

Of course you know that this year is the one of accelerated digital transformation. Of course everybody wants to make things more efficient and to have good results at the same time. But don’t forget about your customers.

1. Do a full analysis on your marketing automation campaigns. Subject, content, customer experience steps, everything. Why? Because what worked in the past isn’t available anymore. It may be time to adapt some, to create new ones, or even to cancel others.

2. Create new campaigns. Refurbished ones or similar ideas might not be useful nowadays. Now we have a new mindset, new words in vocabulary, new ideas of future. So? You need a new kind of campaign.

3. Speak their language. Focus on the positive side and make your customers feel more connected to your company and your brand.

In the end, even there are rough times try to see the bright side of marketing and adapt everyday!


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