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Delighting Customers and Shaping the Future

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The horizon of AI stretches far and wide, promising a future where collaboration between human ingenuity and machine intelligence revolutionizes our interactions with the world. Amazon is at the forefront of this evolution, constantly driven by its unwavering principles of customer obsession, passion for invention, operational excellence &long-term thinking.

⦿ A Legacy of Invention and Customer Obsession

Machine learning's adaptability, learning capacity, and autonomous decision-making are transformative. Amazon's spirit lies in its commitment to delight customers, making their lives easier and more connected. With + 3500 employees in Romania, our teams work fervently on groundbreaking technologies in Cloud Computing, Information Security, Privacy, Machine Learning, Edge Computing, Data Analysis, Computer Vision, and more.

⦿ Crafting safer horizons

Safety has been a primal human need. Today, in a world driven by technology, Ring stands out, merging human concern for safety with AI's precision. With teams diligently working in Bucharest, Iasi, and Timisoara, Ring harnesses the prowess of computer vision and machine learning to create alarms and proactively predict and ensure safety, weaving a tapestry of trust and reliability.

⦿ Navigating Compliance in the Digital Era

The vast expanse of product safety and compliance is a challenging domain, but with the Compliance Shared Services team, it's transformed into a realm of opportunity. Here, AI's sharp analysis meets human vigilance, as we employ machine learning to scrutinize hundreds of millions of documents, images, and videos annually. This synergy ensures not only adherence to safety standards but also paves the way for pioneering benchmarks in product compliance.

⦿ Upholding Trust: The Intersection of Privacy and AI

Data isn't merely numbers and codes; it's a testament to trust.

At Amazon, the Privacy team blends human ethics with Machine Learning and AI's meticulousness, ensuring the sanctity of customer data. The future isn't about holding data; it's about wielding it responsibly, offering transparency, and fostering trust.

⦿ Protecting Digital Frontiers

Amazon's Identity and Access Management team operates as our digital sentinels, ensuring the absolute safety of both customer and corporate data. This team isn't just about defense > they're about pioneering the next wave. Harnessing the power of machine learning, they break new ground — from pinpointing irregularities to formulating policy recommendation systems. Their core objective? Upholding Amazon's reputation as a beacon of trust in the digital realm.


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