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Domino's Pizza - an international business with the taste of success.

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

In a world where we are increasingly concerned about healthy eating and choosing local products, Domino's Pizza, the world's largest pizza delivery chain, demonstrates that even fast-food restaurants can offer high-quality dishes and services. The concept brings together reinvented recipes and technological innovations to provide customers with a different experience when ordering food. Currently, Domino's Pizza has 25 locations in our country and nearly 20,000 worldwide. Alin Huștiu, the CEO of the franchise in Romania, reveals the recipe for Domino's brand success!

Domino's Pizza: how your meals are born

The delight of 6, 8, 10, or 12 slices, branded Domino's Pizza, first appeared in Romania 13 years ago, with the opening of the first franchised restaurant in Bucharest. Since then, the number of locations has grown, but the kitchen philosophy remains the same: the company promotes the use of fresh vegetables from local producers and the preparation of ingredients right in the workplace. This is the only way the restaurant can ensure maintaining a high standard in terms of the freshness of the delivered product.


"The quality of ingredients is essential in the food industry, which is why we only collaborate with trusted suppliers who deliver fresh and certified ingredients. We have our own production factory and test each ingredient before use. With us, customers have the guarantee that the pizza dough is made from scratch, fresh and that the peppers in our recipes are ripened for 21 days under the best conditions."



And because mozzarella is the main ingredient in any pizza, the restaurant pays special attention to its selection: the pizzas are made only with 100% natural cheeses, which contain 23% less fat compared to other varieties available on the market.

Customers are invited to watch the pizzerias in action

Another aspect that demonstrates the respect for customers promoted by the Domino's Pizza team is the fact that each dish is assembled in front of the buyer, through the Pizza Theater concept, present in every location.

This way, customers can see the entire process, and the speed at which it takes place is the only aspect that can associate the company with fast-food restaurants. Domino's Pizza has brought innovations even for those who decide to order remotely: "To promote transparency in our relationship with customers, we have created an easier and more attractive online ordering system that keeps them updated on the progress of their order, from the moment it is placed until it is on its way to them. In fact, Domino's Pizza is recognized in the food service industry for its technological innovations. We even have a mobile application and offer the option of fast delivery, which has earned us the title of "Number 1 in pizza delivery worldwide." All these innovations have revolutionized the ordering experience and facilitated customers' access to Domino's products."

The efficiency of digital solutions is best reflected in numbers! In 2021, for example, Domino's Romania recorded the highest growth worldwide compared to any other country in the franchise system: 43%, compared to an average of 16%, according to the CEO.

"In the current economic context, it will be increasingly difficult to maintain prices at an affordable level, but we are always looking for and testing new ideas and concepts to improve our products and services. Through customer feedback and market analysis, we constantly adapt recipes and business strategies to keep up with a continuously changing market." - ALIN HUȘTIU, CEO COMPANY

A relatively new initiative is the commitment to protect the environment: the company has started equipping its fleet with electric cars and scooters, thus reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, it aims to use recyclable packaging, reduce waste, and encourage customers to adopt environmentally friendly behavior.

Domino's Pizza, an international business with the taste of success.


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