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Exploring Opportunities with Academia Testarii: An Open Path to the IT Industry

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

In a rapidly evolving world, the IT industry has continued to thrive, despite significant global challenges in the past few years. With the traditional education system unable to meet the growing demand for IT specialists, numerous informal education companies have emerged, offering training for those eager to change their careers and venture into the field of software testing.

In such a vast and diverse field, students have a multitude of specializations to choose from, covering a wide range of knowledge and technical skills. To have a successful transition to the software testing industry, it is crucial to develop soft skills that complement technical expertise.

Across the spectrum of IT specializations, software testing represents a fast and accessible path to entering this field. Software testing, due to the diversity of specializations and advancement opportunities, is one of the most captivating professions, made for curious individuals. While basic knowledge is relatively easy to acquire, progress in this profession demands increasingly advanced technical skills, while also giving the opportunity to advance in the area of soft skills as well.

At Academia Testarii, we value software quality, and therefore all the professionals who are committed to ensuring the quality of software products. This fundamental value is shared among all our team members, starting from our company's founders, who passionately advocated for the recognition of software testers in Romania.

George and Florin, the co-founders of Academia Testarii, have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience over their combined 20 years in the software testing industry. Their expertise ignited a desire to establish a recognized profession for software testers in Romania. Remarkably, prior to their efforts, software testers lacked a formal job title to mirror their substantial experience and expertise.

In 2021, we proudly achieved a significant milestone by introducing the profession of Software Testing Analyst ("Analist Testare Software") into the Romanian Occupation Code (COR). This accreditation, the only certification for software testers, is endorsed by the Romanian Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity and marks a groundbreaking achievement and a momentous step forward for software testers in Romania.

As a core value, Academia Testarii is fully committed to supporting all software testing professionals, whether they are already established in the field or aspiring to embark on a new and exciting career journey in the dynamic realm of software testing. We stand united in our mission to elevate the status and recognition of software testers in Romania.

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