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FamShop | e-Commerce automation platform

Pioneer of e-commerce innovation, FamShop comes to GoTech 2020 to present the new ecommerce trends:

1. B2B / B2C e-commerce platform integrated with mobile application, ERP, couriers.

2. Shop by voice.

3. Integration between online sales channels (online stores or marketplaces) and ERP, couriers.

4. Competitor price monitoring and auto-pricing depending on the competition.

FamShop will help you understand how to:

- centralize orders and synchronize them with the accounting software and ERP program.

- manage products to create them in e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

- synchronize stocks between online stores, marketplaces and the ERP program.

- update price values according to the sales channel and adjust them automatically according to the competition.

- generate AWBs.

- define your own automation rules to maximize your workflow.

Now imagine all of the above can happen automatically with the proper software solution, what do you say?

Talking with FamShop experts, GoTech’s visitors will learn the best practices used in e-commerce business automation, what are the advantages and disadvantages

(much less, obviously) and when is the right time to adopt an automation solution.

FamShop platform automates business in all areas, such as agriculture, hospitality (HoReCa), fashion, toys, electronics, beauty, home decorations, tools.

The largest digital event in Central and Eastern Europe brings together and connects various areas in one place, which has determined the FamShop’s presence at GoTech.

More details about FamShop here:


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