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GTS invests 200,000€+ in the best-performing storage platform, based on NVMe technology from NetApp

In 2023, GTS celebrated 30 years of business, proving a solid tradition of innovation and commitment to quality. Today, in the dynamic world of technology, GTS is one step ahead to the future through major investments in its data center in Bucharest. The more than 200,000 euros invested by the company in the latest generation NVMe platform marks a radical transformation in the way we store and access data, redefining the performance standards for a modern data center.

What is NVMe and why is it so revolutionary?

NVMe, short for "Non-Volatile Memory Express", has created a technological revolution in the data storage environment. It has become a performance standard for a modern Data Center, representing a natural evolution of the complex existing NetApp data storage ecosystem.

Exceptional performance for new technological horizons

The NVMe platform has revolutionized the way we interact with data, offering a wide range of advantages. With a communication protocol optimized for Flash-based storage devices, end-to-end NVMe brings significantly faster read and write speeds than previous technologies. This results in unmatched overall system performance.

Furthermore, NVMe was designed to minimize latency, ensuring fast data access and processing. This feature is vital for applications that require instant responses, such as databases or systems that run large amounts of data – AI, BI, etc.

GTS redefines technology speed and efficiency through top investments

Through its ambitious investments, GTS not only maintains its competitiveness in the market but also helps shape a future world where technology defines new standards of performance and efficiency. Investing in NVMe leads to the optimization of interactions between storage devices and the system, as the platform consumes less power than previous technologies while extending the life of mobile devices.

Step into the technological future with GTS!

GTS is constantly up to date with industry news and believes in the power of continuous innovation. NVMe technology is constantly evolving, adding new features and improvements. NVMe platforms are future-ready and a viable long-term solution.

The more than 200,000 euros invested by the company in the NVMe platform open new horizons for the computing experience. Exceptional performance, energy efficiency and scalability position NetApp NVMe technology as a safe choice for applications ranging from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to IoT (Internet of Things) and complex databases.

GTS' investment in technology is not only a choice, but also a commitment to the future. More details about NVMe and customized offers can be requested at or by filling out the form here.

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