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IRIS will unveil its last products and solutions at GoTech World

Louvain-la-Neuve (Brussels) - Belgium, November 11-12, 2020 - IRIS (Canon Group), leader in Information Management, has chosen to announce new solutions and products for professionals: IRIScan™ Desk 5, IRIScan™ Desk 5 Pro, IRISPowerscan and IRISmart Security.

This document camera scanner will help you save time and effort, and make it an easy job by scanning not only books or magazines but all types of content restrained in binders, spirals or files. 

Just flip the page and scan with the automatic page detection function. Auto straighten & finger removal feature: simply lay the book under the camera, open and hold down book edges with your fingertips.  The page will be flattened while recognizing and cropping your fingers from the final result. Your file is perfectly straight and finger-free every time.

IRISmart™ Security software recognizes machine-readable zones (MRZ) and extracts the sensitive data they contain. An MRZ is placed on many official documents to guarantee the identification and validity:  ID cards, passports, driving licences, residence permits, etc. Personal data is captured by this powerful software, facilitating your client registration procedure. With IRISmart™ Security, forget about manual encoding: avoid errors and save time!

IRISPowerscan™, awarded by the prestigious BLI Awards 2020, best capture software, is the solution for the digitization and classification of all your documents. Whether it is for the classification of your delivery notes, the classification of your repair orders, the classification of legal documents, the classification of your invoices, the classification of your passport and identity card, and the classification of the patient file.

Rediscover our flagship products: Document classification software solution: Software solution for managing your PDF & OCR: Readiris™, rewarded with many awards over the past 30 years, is the office software solution for managing your PDFs, and dematerializing all your digital and / or paper documents. Scanners Digital pens: The IRISPen™ scans printed text using itself as a highlighter: by scanning line by line. Hand scanners: The IRIScan ™ Book is a self-contained "ruler-scanner" that slides over any document (bound or not). The IRIScan ™ Mouse is a smart 2-in-1 product: a scanner AND a mouse. Portable scanners: The IRIScan™ Express & Executive are TWAIN scanners with a smart button. The IRIScan ™ Anywhere Wifi is a stand-alone scanner to scan anywhere! Multi-page scanners: The IRIScan™ Pro 5 is a high performance desktop scanner. It is available in two other versions: one integrating filing software (IRISmart™ File), the other integrating software to easily manage your invoices (IRISmart™ Invoice).


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