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Make the most out of ServiceNow with Devhd

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The only constant today is change. As witnessed over the past few years, disruptions happen all the time, and they create tremendous challenges for businesses worldwide. Businesses are constantly seeking new ways to drive growth, reduce costs, and manage risk. Today’s organizations suffer from digital sprawl—they have tons of data sitting across a multitude of systems and vendors, making it difficult to create efficient processes and outcomes. This creates operational and technological challenges that hinder scale, create risk, diminish customer experience, and suppress agility across an enterprise, regardless of their size or industry.

More enterprises looking to reduce cost—and drive growth—are turning to ServiceNow, the intelligent platform for end-to-end digital transformation. As a dedicated Premier ServiceNow Partner, Devhd helps you harness the full potential of the platform for your transformative journey.

ServiceNow: The Intelligent Platform

ServiceNow sits atop organizations’ existing data and systems, preventing the need to rip and replace those existing systems. With simple, easy-to-use interfaces, it empowers both employees and customers. It excels at orchestrating and automating tasks and processes across the enterprise, boosting efficiency and optimization with customizable, low-code tools. ServiceNow is the only intelligent platform that empowers organizations to generate more income while effectively managing costs and maintaining financial health. It helps companies take a platform and digital-first approach that creates a better organizational posture for today and drives efficiency and growth for the future.

ServiceNow is powered by a singular technology stack called the Now Platform.

Every solution - whether for IT, Operations, Customer Service, HR, Shared Services, Finance (back office), purpose-built Industry solutions & more - is built on the Now Platform.

As global business continues to become more and more complex, organizations must become more efficient and simplify work in order to control costs and extract the most value from all of their technology investments. Born in the cloud with a single data model and based on a secure, task-based technology framework - with AI and machine learning built-in -the Now Platform enables data to flow seamlessly across applications, departments, and existing systems to automate, optimize, and modernize work.

With a single, intelligent, low-code platform, reusable data model, and single architecture, organizations in any industry can keep work flowing quickly and seamlessly, all while removing complexity for end-users. The Now Platform enables any company to digitize any process across their organization with pre-built and customizable workflow solutions across functions and critical business systems by connecting them on a single platform.

What Solutions Does ServiceNow Provide?

ServiceNow offers solutions across five key categories:

» Technology Excellence: Leverage AI, machine learning, and automation to enhance technology services securely and resiliently.

» Customer Experience: Create loyal customers with AI-driven self-service, reducing case volumes and response times.

» Operational Excellence: Streamline, trust, and improve processes to cut costs and increase efficiency.

» Employee Experience: Empower employees with a secure platform, customizing processes, and technologies.

» Hyper automation and Low Code: Automate workflows and modernize legacy processes using low-code and no-code development to deploy applications quickly.

ServiceNow's versatility makes it suitable for virtually any workflow in any industry. Its solutions integrate seamlessly with legacy and modern systems. The powerful set of solutions includes IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), Customer Service Management (CSM), HR Service Delivery (HRSD) Asset Management, App Engine, Automation Engine, Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), Security Operations, and many more, all built on the Now Platform.

Devhd: Your trusted Premier ServiceNow Partner

Devhd is your trusted guide for your ServiceNow journey. Founded in Romania in 2016, we are a pure-play ServiceNow professional services company, specializing in delivering practical and sustainable digital workflow solutions to enterprises.

As a ServiceNow Partner covering all three modules – Resale, Consulting& Implementation, and Build – we provide end-to-end professional services, including ServiceNow licensing acquisition, technical architecture & governance, consulting & implementation services, training, support & maintenance, integrations & automatization, and custom app development published on the ServiceNow store. Devhd is your one-stop shop for maximizing the value of your investments, reducing costs, improving core business processes, and driving growth with this powerful platform.

Devhd's partnership with ServiceNow is not about offering services; it is about delivering transformative solutions. With over 120 ServiceNow projects and 40 applications, Devhd has become a trusted partner and advisor for major global brands in the Automotive, Manufacturing, and Technology industries.

Our dedicated team of over 20 certified ServiceNow specialists is ready to guide your organization through the complexities of digital transformation. With offices in both Romania and Germany, we are well-equipped to deliver first-class ServiceNow solutions to a diverse clientele. We have received a 4.61/5 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) rating from both local and international enterprises.

Devhd is here to ensure you make the most out of the ServiceNow platform. We guide you in leveraging the intelligence, capabilities, and efficiency that ServiceNow offers.

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