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Managing innovation is knowing when NOT to stop

The true measure of innovation is not how many new ideas we have, but how many of them we bring to life. Oves Enterprise is one of the success stories originating from Cluj that’s not short either on ideas or in making them happen. Founded 8 years ago by entrepreneur Mihai Filip, the company has graduated from a local software service provider to an ambitious company delivering innovative solutions for its partners on a global scale.

Oves Enterprises recently announced its first line of dual-purpose drones - commercial and military - which will be assembled in its first factory, in Bucharest.

These state-of-the-art products that have been designed, financed, and produced 100% from its resources, are just one of the innovative fields that the company is focusing its growth for the following years, which is Space and Defence. It sits next to the other important pillars like Cybersecurity and Fintech. All of these areas of interest have led Oves Enterprises to expand its presence in some of the most important global markets, such as the US, UK, Germany, and the UAE.

This accelerated growth is the result of a long-term vision established since the beginning of the company. “We started as a local web services provider in my hometown of Cluj-Napoca, but I always dreamed of building innovative products”, says Mihai Filip, the CEO, and founder of Oves. “Being able to witness what we achieved so far it’s a dream come true, but we’re just getting started”, argues the entrepreneur.

As with most things in (business) life, innovation is a team effort, and when you’re pursuing this goal you need not only vision but also a great talented team behind it. Mihai Filip managed to achieve this by not only recruiting the best talent on the market but also by imposing a simple work philosophy that proved to be successful: deliver on what is committed and more, anything else doesn’t matter. Not the hours and certainly not the office. Oves Enterprise was one of the first companies in Romania that allowed its employees to work from anywhere, even before the pandemic struck.

This flexible policy and vision helped the company attract the best talent in the most challenging market conditions and expand its team to more than 200 IT specialists. About 10% of them work outside Romania, in places like the US, Singapore, or UK.

As they say, you didn’t come this far to only come this far. Innovation is a continuing process, especially in the age of digital transformation, and Oves Enterprises has never been better placed to explore new opportunities and take risks to create new solutions that will help create a better future.

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