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Navigating Tomorrow's eCommerce: CloudCart's Strategic Use of AI

CloudCart's expansion into Romania comes on the heels of remarkable success in Southeast Europe. Founded by seasoned Bulgarian entrepreneurs Nikolay Iliev and Peter Iliev, the company has already left an indelible mark on the eCommerce industry across 7 countries, serving over 1,600 clients and processing a remarkable 300 million euros in gross merchandise value (GMV). With 18 years of experience in eCommerce, including pioneering ventures such as ShopZone and creating solutions for building marketplaces, the founders have established CloudCart as a trusted leader in the field.

With a mission to empower merchants and ecosystem partners to achieve more, CloudCart offers a holistic approach that goes beyond just setting up online stores. The company understands the unique challenges faced by businesses and other markets and is committed to providing tailored solutions.

The Secret Engine Behind Any Successful eShop

CloudCart creates not just online stores, but the model and environment for developing a successful online business. Therefore, their focus is not only on developing the technological solution but the entire organization, associated with data, marketing, sales, finance, process optimization, and much more. The company calls this model eCommerce-as-a-service.

One of CloudCart's key strengths lies in its emphasis on marketing. The platform equips its clients with powerful tools for marketing optimization, audience segmentation, and multi-channel marketing, including email, SMS, Viber, push notifications, and more. This ensures that merchants can effectively reach and engage their target audience in a competitive digital landscape.

The company ensures merchants are promptly informed about crucial business matters and provides assistance in navigating through difficulties and limitations. The company provides you with working solutions - because they have been through the battle of creating online stores with thousands of merchants over the past years.

CloudCart goes even further by building an ecosystem where the best agencies and freelancers in digital marketing, SEO, online store management, and other related fields are selected to collaborate with their clients, enhancing their sales endeavors.

They're with you from A to Z in building your successful online shop!

Unlocking Cross-Border Opportunities and Forming Strategic Partnerships

In today's ever-evolving eCommerce landscape, global expansion is a strategic imperative. CloudCart understands this, and its unique approach sets it apart from traditional eCommerce platforms. The company places a special emphasis on fostering local and regional business collaborations, ensuring its customers can seamlessly navigate the complexities of international markets.

Central to CloudCart’s offerings is a distinctive eCommerce-as-a-service model, delivered in collaboration with a network of local agencies, all unified within a Growth ecosystem. To complement CloudCart's offering and to provide clients with extensive support and services in their online business development efforts, the company has partnered with Kooperativa 2.0, a marketing agency that brings valuable expertise in online business strategy and development, Babel Ads and Online MARK Agency, digital advertising agencies with a focus on online marketing and advertising solutions, Touch Media, Digital branding and custom web development services, and Itpty, a technology and IT solutions company known for providing high-quality information technology products and services.

CloudCart also places a strong focus on localization, ensuring that its services speak the language of customers. Through an extensive network of local partners, CloudCart is well-equipped to meet the specific needs and preferences of the Romanian and other markets.

The integration of local partners is pivotal in understanding and navigating the distinct market dynamics, providing Romanian entrepreneurs with the tailored tools and insights to thrive within and beyond their borders.

Stepping Into the Future: AI in eCommerce

The onset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to redefine the e-commerce landscape, offering predictive analytics, personalization, and smart search functionalities. Businesses must align their strategies to leverage AI capabilities, enhancing their operations and marketing endeavors.

CloudCart, with its keen foresight, integrates AI-driven analytics and marketing tools, providing businesses with actionable insights and automated solutions to elevate their online sales journey. The company works on its own set of features based on different AI models that are directly embedded in the core functionalities of the CC platform. They are creating products for copywriting, SEO tools with a focus on categories and products, marketing enhancement tools, and a lot more.

In a world that is consistently reshaping itself through technology, platforms like CloudCart stand at the forefront, providing businesses with the tools, strategies, and expertise to successfully carve their niche in the expansive universe of eCommerce.

About CloudCart

CloudCart is an eCommerce-as-a-service solution with beautiful designs, apps & services to boost sales, with a locally relevant approach and support from industry experts. It is active in 7 regional markets, and more than 1,600 merchants operate on the platform, mostly in industries such as technology, fashion, and beauty.

✍ The company offers unique solutions to facilitate its merchants such as access to CloudCart Analytics, innovative checkout process, marketing tools, various options for discounts and promotions, automation, and integrations with hundreds of solutions i.e. payments, deliveries, business management, and much more.

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