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Take your business to the cloud. Three things to consider

Digital transformation is at the top of the agenda for most companies and institutions, regardless of their field of activity. Cloud solutions play a key role in this process, providing the agility, efficiency and speed needed to make it happen. Moving a business to the Cloud requires specific expertise. M247, a leading provider of solutions in this field, recommends that companies pay particular attention to three indicators: security, efficiency, and having the best cost for the entire process.

M247 is one of the leading providers of business solutions for digital acceleration, with the most extensive networks, connected to the world's leading internet exchange points. M247's migration services for customers in Romania help them understand their specific needs, choose the right cloud service, and plan the transfer securely with minimal business disruption. Here are the three most important takeaways for a company opting to migrate its applications and business data to the cloud.


Moving data to the cloud must be done with maximum security. "Secure migration of company applications and data are a challenge for any business. Traditional methods can take days or weeks to implement and don't come without risk. We can mitigate these risks to a minimum and remove the inconvenience during the process," says Bogdan Gavriluță, Head of International Sales M247 Europe. M247 solutions eliminate downtime or service disruption, benefiting from the investments made by global network hybridization and cloud integration. Tools for pre-migration testing and one-click recovery are also provided.


M247 cloud experts join beneficiaries in a workshop to understand the infrastructure, challenges, and objectives of moving to the cloud. This is followed by an in-depth infrastructure assessment, where software tools are used to analyse current workloads. The assessment enables the configuration of how business-related applications will look after the move to the cloud.


In addition to providing solutions, M247 identifies and provides recommendations on how to optimise the service to achieve the best parameters in terms of performance, expenses, security solutions and compliance with the standards and requirements specific to the industry. The local team reviews cloud services to monitor specific under/oversized workloads, checking that scaling is configured correctly and limits are implemented. Constant analysis is provided to monitor oversized workloads, proper use of storage accounts, optimal licensing strategy. In addition, beneficiaries are constantly given recommendations to consider alternative deployment methods to reduce costs.

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