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The Future of Urban Logistics - Using Drones for On-Demand Deliveries

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

What will the future of urban logistics look like, considering the use of drones for on-demand deliveries?

Accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the imperative for contactless commerce, drones have gone from novel applications to essential innovations set to power the on-demand delivery revolution.

Just to create the context for you, Yariv Bash was one of our international speakers and industry leaders that had to join us at GoTech World 2021, your go-to technology & business event here in Romania. His keynote speech revolved around the importance of drone delivery given their accuracy, environment-friendly operations, shorter delivery time, and lower operational cost than traditional delivery channels.

Drones were initially introduced as military equipment and were used primarily for surveillance and monitoring against any targeted attacks. The application and usage of this technology have since evolved to include various other labor-intensive and complex tasks across industries and made drones not so far from becoming a scalable, globally acceptable solution for a faster, cheaper, and greener delivery method.

The first and most important question is: Is delivery by drones a reality now?

Flytrex is the first drone delivery service focused in the US suburbs, using aviation-grade certified drones to deliver different goods, from food to coffee to toilet paper, directly to their customers' backyard, no driving or 6 pm traffic included. How does it work? The drones are completely autonomous and don’t require anyone to fly them or drop off the package. However, as an extra safety measure, Flytrex has a team of FAA-certified drone operators overseeing each mission and ensuring a seamless delivery.

Okay, what’s in for the businesses, you may ask?

First of all, delivery by drone is fast. They cruise at 50km/h, on direct routes, avoiding wasted time in traffic. This will enable businesses to expand their customer reach while remaining true to their delivery-time promise. In other words, they can boost their operations with industry-leading technology.

Secondly, orders will run smoothly with their flexible integration options, software, and support when the business needs them: provides an end-to-end solution, you just do your job and Flytrex will do the heavy lifting. The service is actually: insurance, car maintenance, car depreciation, gas transportation o: insurance, car maintenance, car depreciation, gas for transportation, or the variable demand.

With their app, Flytrex can provide higher reach and a space for local businesses with no online presence, but also the opportunity for testing new features and A/B testing.

Last but not least, this type of delivery is sustainable and environmentally friendly, offsetting the carbon emission of 70 million car drivers.

If you want to discover even more ideas and tech solutions like Flyrex, you must know that we gather, every year, visionaries and experts that bring innovative solutions, applicable to any industry.

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