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Three ways the cloud helps companies save money

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Cloud solutions help companies become more agile, efficient, and competitive, and focus on core activities rather than expending resources on managing IT infrastructure. At the same time, this is a tool recommended for any company interested in cost savings and resource optimization. M247, one of the leading providers of solutions for companies, highlights that, when choosing a cloud provider, companies should pay particular attention to security, efficiency, and getting the best cost for the entire process.

M247 is one of the leading providers of business solutions for digital acceleration, with an extensive network, connected to the world's leading internet exchange points.

M247 recently launched its own Public Cloud solution to enable companies to manage data at the highest level of security and flexibility at affordable costs. We asked them to list for us three ways cloud solutions help a company streamline costs.


» You only pay for what you use

First and foremost, the cloud eliminates the need to invest in costly hardware infrastructure, such as servers and storage equipment. Companies will pay only for the resources they use, leading to significant cost savings.

M247 identifies and provides recommendations on how to optimize the service to achieve the best parameters in terms of performance, expenses, security solutions, and compliance with the standards and requirements specific to the industry.

The local team provides constant analysis to check for oversized workloads, proper use of storage accounts, and optimal licensing strategy. This means M247 can help companies adjust the infrastructure based on traffic volume or workload requirements.

» Less energy: better for the environment, better for business

The cloud reduces a company's carbon footprint as M247 invests in energy-efficient technologies, and they share physical resources among multiple customers.

According to M247 cutting energy consumption is a main concern for any business.

Servers & network equipment consume a lot of energy and the IT department need also to chill them to operate efficiently. Data centers are designed specifically for the task, aggregate demand and gain the benefit of scale, consuming less power per unit of processing compared to many remote locations.

» Time is Money

The cloud provides development and testing resources to accelerate the application development process, enabling companies to bring products faster to market. Also, data and applications stored in the cloud are accessible from any device connected to the internet, facilitating collaboration and remote work for employees, helping them eliminate wasted time in traffic and focus on projects that add value. Cloud providers handle software updates & infrastructure maintenance, freeing companies from these concerns and saving time and resources.


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