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What’s the Next Big Thing in your Career?

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

In an era where technology is forging new dimensions in every field known to humankind, the only constants are learning, adapting, and growing. At the heart of change, developers worldwide remain one step ahead, crossing boundaries never seen before in building tomorrow’s software.

In this rapidly evolving IT ecosystem, Devmind bridges the experts in the field, the digital creators, and the tech advocates sharing our commitment and expertise in education with the always curios, passion-driven learners aiming to achieve the Next Big Milestone in their professional journey.

📑 Industry-level Nanodegrees

To foster a learning ecosystem centered on growth and excellence, Devmind partners with leading industry shapers to craft complete Computer Science Nanodegrees – for starters making the first-ever step in the industry and restless professionals aiming to master cutting-edge career paths in AI, Cloud, IoT, or Web3.

🏫 Academia-level Mentorship At the core of all our educational programs is the team of trainers and program creators, who stand out for their dual background – as expert developers and top university teaching assistants, with a proven record in both the IT industry and academia.

To get a glimpse into the world of training and how we are shaping the developer of tomorrow, watch Radu’s 5-minute testimonial.

🖥️ First Job in IT

The Java Software Development program is the foundational program of our academy, helping tens of generations fulfill their dream of starting a dev career at a top IT multinational, no matter their background. Passionate learners from various fields such as engineering, finance, business, architecture, medicine, law, and marketing study [MOU1] programming from scratch and get hired through Devmind’s network of industry partners and recommendations. Our Alumni work today at multinationals shaping the software industry globally, including Endava, Accenture, Deloitte Digital, Adobe, Finastra, BCR, Ing Tech, Luxoft, BearingPoint, Unicredit Services, IBM, Samsung UK, Engie, Deutsche Bank, and more.

To get a glimpse into changing your professional narrative, watch Lidia's success story, describing her journey from Biochemistry to Junior Java Developer @Finastra:

📚 Educational Landscape As the digital ecosystem continues to evolve, we remain committed to empowering every learner and builder – at any level –to achieve their Next Big Step in Tech by providing a complete educational framework comprising hands-on training by experts with academic background, soft[MOU2] skills shaped by career coaches and hiring opportunities through our industry-leading partnerships.

To grasp Devmind core educational values and mission, reflected - as we could never express better - by our one-of-a-kind Community of Alumni, you can watch this short 2-minute video.

If you want to learn more about Devmind Career Programs and the learning path toward software development, book your free spot in the next link.

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