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Connect IT brings together technology specialists and enthusiasts from 11 cities

Connect IT brings together technology specialists and enthusiasts from 11 cities in Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova

IT communities from 11 cities in Romania, Bulgaria, and the Republic of Moldova will meet with Endava specialists during this autumn's edition of Connect IT. A concept powered by Endava, Connect IT organises a series of events dedicated to the IT community and aims to facilitate the connection between technology communities in Central Europe, one of the most important areas in which the company operates, and to create platforms for interaction and exchange of experience for IT professionals.

At Connect IT events, the company's specialists will address topics related to software development, testing and application management. The caravan will also reach new cities where Endava has opened offices this year.

"We are happy to see that the Connect IT caravan is getting more and more participants and that the interest in the topics is growing. I believe that, starting from a passion for technology, participants can build solid careers and perform in a competitive and growing environment. We have always put the people we work with first and have turned our attention to discovering new talent in local communities.

This is reflected in our Connect IT series of events. We want to make valuable resources available to those interested, shared by experts in the field and facilitate the exchange of experiences," said Monica Daliu, Regional Head of People.

During the two months, IT specialists can participate in Connect IT events that will take place in several cities in Romania (Târgu Mureș, Galați, Timișoara, Iași, Pitești and Sibiu), Moldova (Bălți and Chișinău), Bulgaria (Plovdiv, Ruse and Varna), in physical format. The full list of dates and locations can be found below.

- 20 October - Balti

- 27 October - Targu Mures

- 3 November - Galati

- 3 November - Plovdiv

- 4 November - Chisinau

- 10 November - Timisoara

- 10 November - Iasi

- 17 November - Pitesti

- 17 November - Ruse

- 24 November - Varna

- 24 November - Sibiu

More details about the topics covered in each city and how to register will be published on Endava's social media pages.

See you there!


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