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easySales - we empower you to sell more!

We see very skilled merchants and business owners who miss the big online opportunity just because technology is too complicated and too expensive for them.

From all the challenges they face, integration and automation turn out to be the biggest headache. To solve this problem, we’ve built, a SaaS platform - the easiest way for brands & retailers to list their products on popular online marketplaces, with no technical knowledge!

Join us at GoTech in 3 November at the Business Transformation stage and find out how we empower you to sell more. Irina Zamfir, Chief Revenue Officer is easySales’ speaker at Gotech event (schedule: 12:45 - 13:15)

She joined easySales in July 2021 in the role of Chief Revenue Officer and she plays a key role in strategic growth and international expansion through partnerships, marketing and sales.

Irina has extended experience in banking, sales and GM role of Link Mobility, a provider of mobile communications services specializing in SMS. Passionate about communication, leadership, sales and eCommerce geek, Irina is determined to make the difference in this industry.

About Irina’s Presentation

Multichannel sales is a critical strategy for eCommerce growth and Irina explains in her presentation how exactly multichannel sales can help online business to reach consumers, expand their business and increase sales.

easySales is providing an efficient solution for eCommerce sellers who want to take this path, helping them reduce multichannel management complexity and achieve up tom 80% automation. With the right software in place, merchants spend the same amount of time to sell on multiple channels as they do to s to sell on one channel!

Challenges on marketplaces

Selling on marketplace comes with challenges, the process of managing and aligning sales channels is complex and prone to errors. A best practice to overcome these barriers is the use of automation.

Selling on multiple marketplaces is almost impossible without some degree of automation. Automation for online sellers is what easySales is doing. Amultichannel sales tool to automate product listings and order processing offers the opportunity to have all the information from all marketplaces centralized in one place.

What makes easySales special as a multichannel sales software is that it allows online merchants to connect fast, in just a few clickstop any marketplace and they can start selling fast without investing in developping own costly integration platforms.


Insights about multichannel sales and ways to help you expand fast on marketplaces like eMag, Elefant, eBay, Doraly, Vivre, Decathlon from Romania, Bulgaria & Hungary.

You can have an interesting conversation and find out more about multichannel sales and how to simplify your activity, as well as interesting eCommerce statistics and data.


Our vision is to simplify eCommerce and automate as many processes as possible: Bulk product listings on marketplaces, Real-time inventory synchronization, Automatic product descriptions translations, Bulk centralized orders management, Dynamic price, and sales reports.

We believe that we can offer advanced technology in a way that is accessible to large, medium, and small companies. We offer flexible monthly subscriptionand access to an agile support team with eCommerce know-how.

easySales is already present in Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary and is now working on adjusting the product for US market.

  • Bulk product listings on marketplaces

  • Real-time inventory synchronization

  • Automatic product descriptions translations

  • End-to-end orders management

  • Dynamic price and sales reports

  • Flexible monthly subscription

  • Access to an agile support team with eCommerce know-how

Try for free 14 Days with support, step by step. easySales platform was launched in 2019 and since than it has been used by over 4300 online merchants to manage sales activity on all major marketplaces.

Find out more info at easysales


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