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First Day of GoTech World 2022: Highlighted by some of the brightest digital minds

First Day of GoTech World 2022: Highlighted by some of the brightest digital minds:

GoTech World 2022, the most significant event that puts digital transformation at the center of the interests of companies in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe, brought in the first-day key industry players and provided a great experience that once again showed how dynamic and immersive the digital world is and how important it is for businesses to remain agile.

Inspirational speakers took to the live stages, delivering keynote presentations, debating in roundtables, or discussing trends in fireside discussions and Q&A sessions.

Renowned speakers on the main stage of GoTech World

The first day at the Main Stage was marked by the experience of internationally renowned speakers who changed the world through their innovations and the ideas they promoted:

Florin Popa, Director Business 2 Business - Orange

  • Ansgar Koene, Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader - Ernst & Young

  • Amaia Celaya Alvarez, Resilience Advisor

  • Tess Kermode, Director of International Strategy and Operations -Olio

  • Joana Pais Afonso, Culture & People Experience - Deloitte

  • Inderpal Bhandari, Global Chief Data Officer - IBM

  • James Aslett, Head of Education - Binance Charity

  • Nick Rosa, Metaverse Strategy Lead Europe – Accenture

Here are the learnings from the first day of the event:

One of the essential speakers was Ansgar Koen. He engages with policy developments around the governance and regulation of Artificial Intelligence. He works with policymakers, regulators, industry leaders, and other stakeholders to support the trustworthy use of AI for the benefit of people, society, and organizations.

„Development of AI is decentralized due to low barrier to entry and proliferation of open-source tech. At the same time, AI is designed to learn dynamically and will evolve its decision framework over time. Ai s decisions are probabilistic, meaning it gives the best answer measured through confidence and precision levels. AI’s processing speed and decision-making capabilities quickly outpace the monitoring and validation tools. AI is only as good as its teacher -its outcomes can be affected by poor training, bias, and ” insufficient data,” pointed out Ansgar Koene, Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader - at Ernst & Young.

Why we need Race to Resilience

Another distinguished guest was Amaia Celaya Alvarez, Director, director of master Design for Resilience Elisava Facultat de Disseny I Enginyeria de Barcelona. She has a background in architecture, urban and humanitarian action & over 25 years of experience in disaster and climate resilience and sustainability.

„Resilience is not a condition but a state. Resilience possesses a dynamic nature, maintained only when the system evolves, adapts, and transforms to current and future challenges & we need a plan for our future that is resilient and smart. The Resilience Equation is equal with PLANET-PEOPLE-PROSPERITY: putting people and nature at the center, and leading on developing a common framework”, explained Amaia Celaya Alvarez.

Understanding the Metaverse

On the main stage of the event, powered by Orange Business Services, an extraordinary speech was also given by Nick Rosa, Metaverse Strategy Lead Europe - Accenture, one of the best-known international experts in digital transformation and Metaverse. In his book, Understanding the Metaverse: A Business and Ethical Guide, Nick Rosa delivers a timely exploration of what is bound to be one of the most important technologies of our time.

”Metaverse is about connecting people. It is the internet of place: things, people, exchange, space-time. The metaverse is probably the biggest digital transformation process since the arrival of the cloud that we’ve seen in the last 20 years because there’s a massive need for a transformational user experience and the entire ecosystem that will underpin it”, says Rosa says on the stage at GoTechWorld2022.

"So it’s a huge opportunity for everyone involved because the metaverse is a portal to enter the digital world,” added Rosa, which also listed the attributes of the metaverse: creativity, spatial depth, virtual place, physical place, identity, community, virtual value, product, market structures, portability, and persistency.

GoTech World - the largest B2B expo conference in Central and Eastern Europe, continues on Friday at Romexpo, in Pavilion B1, and brings hundreds of IT & tech solutions suitable for the digital needs of any company. In addition, top international and local speakers will debate topics that will significantly change the way consumers, companies, and industries work, such as artificial intelligence, robots, and olfactory sensors, but also current issues applied in the business environment, such as cybersecurity, cloud platforms native, etc.


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