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How Digital Transformation can save your business

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Automation of marketing and sales operations can be considered the ace up the sleeve for a business that wants to start a real digital transformation.

The data is so valuable that most investment funds use the data volume held by the potential candidate as a major target selection criterion.

The existence of a CRM and a marketing & sales automation program not only helps you gather data, but also helps use them intelligently, while increasing the value of the company. The operational benefits are extremely fast: it is possible to communicate in a personalized matter, depending on the needs and browsing and acquisition habits of each user for whom the information has been gathered in the database.

"The way we built the structure and pricing of our offer starts from the idea of ​​"democratizing" something that seemed the playground of companies with giant budgets for a long time. We want to make this accessible for SMBs, not in months, but in weeks.” explains Adrian Alexandrescu (Senior Partner Mediapost Martech).

Quickstart is the first step in transforming marketing and sales activities old models into a modern, automated one, based on the extensive use of software solutions.

Benefits? Results x3, resources / 2.


1. Rapid self-assessment

Available here, the Mediapost Martech evaluation tool quickly indicates how ready the company is at the moment for digitizing marketing and sales activities.

The self-assessment score will indicate whether or not other steps below are necessary.

2. Website readiness

Given that speed is a priority in any business, in an ideal digital ecosystem, the website must be perfectly prepared to generate information in real time. A well-equipped website must meet at least 6 basic criteria.

3. Ecosystem readiness

A big number of promotion models and positioning strategies "gravitate" around the website. Used intelligently and customized to the needs of each business, the results appear quickly. Social media posts need to meet a few basic criteria. Also, the blog is a way of SEO optimization, but also a source of engagement and information.

The implementation of a digital ecosystem will contribute both to the acceleration of conversions and to the creation of a mature brand, easy to “assimilate” by the target audience, and with a very clearly defined identity.

4. Automation readiness

Today, the multitude of repetitive tasks managed by human resources involves not only the consumption of precious time of the people in the company, but also the moral wear and tear of those who are overqualified for these tasks. Starting from scratch, creating an automation system that collects data and then "puts it to work" is a solution that will provide "quick wins".

The data collected, monitoring browsing habits, creating personalized content

(in newsletters, in media campaigns, on the website) are managed in a specialized software that ensures the increase of the conversion rate and, implicitly, of sales and customer retention.

Mediapost Martech services cover areas such as Digital Transformation or Marketing Automation.

As part of the Mediapost group that also includes Interactions as well as other communication and direct marketing companies, we have been active on the Romanian market for over 20 years and we are also present on 5 European markets.

Our experience in over 200 campaigns has helped us develop our own automation products, purchased by over 20 companies.

Mediapost Martech is a Gold HubSpot Partner and a Salesforce Partner.


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