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Let's #godigital. The complete solution for digital transformation

Digital transformation – a concept already known in the business environment, which spreads with increasing speed in all articles, podcasts, posts or TV interventions where the subject of reducing bureaucracy and streamlining activity is addressed.

What is the first step in the digital transformation? What are the tools? How long does it take to implement? What are the benefits and what are the risks? What fields of activity can be digitally transformed? What it actually means for a company to transform digitally?

certSIGN has the complete solution to support the digital business transformation process – Let`s #godigital!

For a better understanding, we analysed a banking financial institution with a large number of employees and branches around the country, with headquarters in Bucharest and many documents to sign, both in-house and with customers or suppliers, the digital transformation solutions with legal value are the answer.

Tools to reduce the time and volume of paperwork in a company, to be able to interact quickly and digitally with customers, suppliers or employees, but everything remains legal and documents have legal value are: digital identity, qualified electronic signature and electronic archiving.

In the case of a bank, due to its service profile, the customer's identity is the most important factor when onboarding is required or when a credit agreement is concluded, for example. Updating customer data is also important both in terms of regulations and as a means of reducing potential risks.

The first digital identity service on the Romanian market is certME. It enables citizens to enrol in countless online services (provided by public or private institutions) with a single identity check. certME allows users to store their identification data in digital format on their mobile phone and share it with their service providers, such as banks, utilities, or public institutions. Thus, there is no longer a need for the user to physically travel or present identity documents every time he creates an account or contacts a service, as these actions can be carried out remotely by means of a tool recognised at European level as certME is. It is important to note that the certME service is of the self-sovereign type, i.e. the user has complete and exclusive control over his data and knows when, who and what data he wants to access and can allow or approve or reject requests for access to his data.

In order to electronically sign the documents related to the relationship that the user has with a service provider (e.g., a bank), a remote qualified electronic signature can be issued on the spot based on certME, in which case no further verification identity is necessary. Continuing the example, this tool can also be used in the bank's relationship with its employees or suppliers. The HR department can now electronically sign any type of document in the employee file, can quickly issue any type of certificate or other documents, because the signing time has been reduced considerably, there is no need for the physical presence of the employee or for the delivery by courier of the documents.

The third tool, which comes to close this circuit, is electronic archiving or certARCHIVE.

After all the documents have been electronically signed, they will be saved or "stored" in the electronic archive with legal value.

We got rid of files, boxes and dusty storage, where all the documents end up at some point. And if we think about the labour papers, they have a filing term of up to 75 years.

Now any document can be consulted extremely easily and quickly from the electronic archive, we no longer depend on employees who go specifically to the archive and look for a certain contract, whether it is credit, mortgage, work or service with a third party.

Thus, through the complete range of services developed by certSIGN, any company can be digitally transformed.

Let`s #godigital!


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