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PLANOGRAMA: Manage your entire warehouse in one single place

It’s no secret that various events can affect and destabilize the global supply chain, but the coronavirus pandemic has exposed some important vulnerabilities. One of the biggest problems has been the closure of factories in major production areas such as China, forcing manufacturers to find alternative ways of sourcing raw materials. This was also the key moment when warehouses realized that they needed a resilient supply chain. But a truly resilient supply chain can only be obtained through digitalization. The more you work with digital tools, the better you can optimize and automate operational workflows and eliminate human errors.

Planograma is a nimble, integrated, cloud-based warehouse management system that streamlines and automates all storage, distribution, and delivery actions. Implementing a WMS solutions grants entrepreneurs total operational control and allows them to enjoy a full picture of their business on the operational side.

What Planograma brings to your business?

· Up to 50% decrease of operational costs

· An increase of up to 70% in order pick-up efficiency

· Stock accuracy of up to 100%

· 24/7 real-time control and reporting

· Up to 30% increase in profit

How? By becoming your know-it-all support when it comes to everything happening in your warehouse.

Key functionalities for making your supply chain more resilient

Cloud-based WMS: instant access is no longer a "nice-to-have” but a “must”. Regardless of your location, you need to know what happens with your stock and team. That is why Planograma is Cloud-based. Thus, if you have a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone with Internet access, you have access to all your warehouse data – it’s as straightforward as that.

Scalable WMS: Based on your business needs and particular time of the year, costs and functionalities are always directly proportional to your workload.

Integration with complex third-party systems: full API solution so you can connect and communicate with your system: we already connect to multiple ERPs and our mobile apps work well on a broad range of warehouse devices from top-tier manufacturers. Users can generate and email worksheets and reports directly to the interested party without the need to print out anything.

Real-time KPIs for full internal transparency and better business management – both key in peak demand periods like the Holiday rush or Black Friday campaigns, but also other changes that affect warehouse management.

Planograma is a WMS that supports both your supply and resource management, covering all the following activities:

Stock intake: records for acquisition or any other types of entries

Cross docking: transferring the goods from reception directly to the delivery area

Transfer to storage: either to a shelf or the designated storing area

Reports: flexible reports with real time KPIs

Inventory: operation that can take place based on stock area, management, or ownership

Labeling: special module for printing logistic or product labels

Checks: any checking process can be made for reception, delivery or stock location

Delivery: acquisition or transfer to other warehouse locations

Automation supports and enhances your daily operations: increased product traceability (batch and serial number, stock level, expiry date, etc.), workflow and stock optimization, efficient planning for warehouse workloads, streamlined equipment and space usage, daily task automation, less human errors and less time spent on transport, collection, and supply.

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