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Second Day of GoTech World 2022

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

GoTech World 2022, the largest profile event in Central and Southeastern Europe, was opened, on the second day, with a speech by Mr. Mircea Geoană, NATO Deputy Secretary General.

At the main stage of the event, Dr. Merritt Moore, Quantum Physicist & Professional Ballet Dancer, who reimagined the connection between humans and robots in an innovative way, also had speeches, as well as Christina Korp, Founder and CEO pf SPACE for a Better World. Also, Peter van Wingerden, CEO of Floating Farm, spoke about the agriculture of the future and floating farms.

Speakers on the main stage of GoTech World 2022

The second day at the Main Stage brought together speakers with innovative technological solutions, with the help of which the world of tomorrow will be less polluted, more educated, safer, and more creative.

  • Mircea Geoană, NATO Deputy Secretary General – NATO

  • Klaus Beetz, CEO - EIT Manufacturing

  • Dr. Merritt Moore, Quantum Physicist & Professional Ballet Dancer

  • Christina Korp, Founder and CEO - SPACE for a Better World

  • Adela Cioroiu, Strategic Intelligence Lead – World Economic Forum

  • Peter van Wingerden, CEO - Floating Farm

  • Blanca Galletero, GVP, EMEA GTM Ecosystem – Splunk

  • Ryan Gentz, CEO – CUTECIRCUIT

  • José Mariano López-Urdiales, Founder and CEO - Zero 2 Infinity

Here are the main ideas from the second day of GoTechWorld 2022:

Dr. Meritt Moore, quantum physicist at Harvard University and professional ballerina, was forced by the pandemic to leave work in the research laboratory aside. Living alone and having no one to dance with for several weeks, she wondered what it would be like to start dancing with a robot. For her, this was the way she began to rethink the relationship between humans and robots.

„Everything started with the pandemic. After developing an art of doing nothing at the beginning of the pandemic, I said that I can do more than sleeping. I did not have humans to dance with, so I started to dance with robots, and this is how I spent my pandemic every single day. I truly believe that to be relevant we have to be creative”, said Dr. Merritt Moore, Quantum Physicist & Professional Ballet Dancer, who showed, in a duet of several minutes with a robot, how together, humans and robots can create emotions.

How Space Technology Could Be the Key to Saving Planet Earth

Another important speaker from the main stage was Christina Korp, Founder and CEO of SPACE for a Better World, who spoke about how space technologies can play an important role in achieving the UN's sustainability goals.

I believe that space technology is the key for saving our planet. I met people like Stephen Hawking, Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong. They inspired me and made me realize how important it is for people to know more about space”, said Christina Krop.

In her speech, Christina Krop also talked about how many of the technologies and products that we use in our daily lives are based on NASA space technology.

Transfarmation, the future of city farming

The CEO of Floating Farm, Peter van Wingerden, had a speech about the paradigm shift in agriculture. He created innovative solutions to develop agriculture in floating farms. According to him, floating farms could be placed on the rivers of big cities, they are ecological and not expensive solutions to bring agriculture close to the consumer and to avoid the pollution that occurs as a result of transporting products from traditional farms.

We should change the food system because the current system is only about transporting food and is highly polluting. We want to produce healthy food close to consumers inside the cities. In the cities of today, it is a tremendous amount of real estate and this is not good for the environment. We want to build farms on the water. In these innovative farms, we can produce healthy food. In our floating farms, we started to produce organic food and raise animals. We believe that this can be replicated anywhere on the globe, including in congested cities such as New York or Bucharest", said Peter van Wingerden, CEO of Floating Farm.

The Wearable Metaverse

Ryan Gentz, CEO of the CUTECIRCUIT company, spoke on the main stage about how technology can combine with fashion and together create extraordinary results for deaf or hard of hearing people.

"In an attempt to combine technology with fashion, our company has created a costume through which deaf people can live the experience of a concert or hear almost perfectly what is happening around them, in almost any circumstance. We call this „a wearable orchestra”. This happens by capturing the sounds by some special sensors in this suit, which a deaf person can receive, thanks to the receptors that the human body has", explained Gentz.

He also spoke about the pioneering that the company he created had in the field of fashion.

"We launched the first collection of clothes that could be totally controlled from an application. We managed to create outfits that ended up being exhibited in museums", concluded Ryan Gentz.

It should be noted that the clothes created by this company are produced from sustainable materials and comply with environmental standards.

The second day of GoTech brought before the people nine representative speakers who touched on important themes for the future of humanity, including health, the metaverse, security and space technology.


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