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Team-as-a-Service – Human Know-How in Infrastructure Services

Everyone is talking about digital transformation. But what do you understand when you think of the digital transformation? Software? Hardware? Both? Most people probably think about technological and structural growth. And it’s normal.

But behind all the software and hardware, behind all automation and transformation processes, there still lies the human side. There are people setting up automation. There are people creating the software. There are people working on the hardware that supports everything, hardware that you might not even know how it looks like. Be it e-commerce, big data, banking, or other industries, they all follow the same journey when it comes to the notion of ‘digital transformation’.

This is what this article is about. About creating the perfect environment for your business to grow, by making use of every aspect of the transformation journey. To focus not only on technology but also on the teams who can help you best.

Upgrading Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

Along with company growth, there comes a need for upgrading various aspects of business such as mindset, staff, processes, operations, infrastructure, and more. Since we are a bare metal dedicated server provider, we obviously know a lot about infrastructure and can help you with this aspect of the digital transformation journey.

So we suggest to ask yourself a few questions:

· Is your infrastructure scalable enough to grow with your business?

· Was your infrastructure designed to scale from the beginning?

· Can your infrastructure provide the performance and speed needed?

· Will your infrastructure resist if you add more data, more tools, more features?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then congratulations! You are winning at digital transformation by having the proper needs for infrastructure covered. If you answered differently, I suggest you continue reading.

The servers and the networking system represent the backbone of any business. A badly configured server will do your business no justice. There are also a lot of server types to choose from (for a detailed view on servers you can check out this in-depth guide).

If you’re not technical and you have a small team, you probably need help in setting up certain infrastructure services. Even if you have a technical team working for you, they might not know exactly how to handle certain services and tools. Then who else to help you move forward, if not the people who best know the product?

Human Know-How for Digital Transformation

As we mentioned earlier there comes a need to expand your staff as well. The bigger the projects, the bigger the teams. There are more and more software and tools appearing on the market which could provide the right path for digital transformation.

But each of these software and tools need people to manage them. Hardware and infrastructure need the same. Even more so, as websites, apps, and big data workloads, need to be up at all times, and that depends on the server infrastructure and the team behind it.

With the right infrastructure provider that offers not only the hardware but also professional know-how, you can benefit from IT expertise that spans the full technology stack.

Bigstep Metal Cloud – 2 in 1 to Suit Your Growth

What comes to mind when you think of public cloud hosting?

Perhaps it’s easy implementation, or scalability, or flexibility, but it could also be downtime problems or bandwidth issues.

What comes to mind when you think of dedicated servers?

Perhaps that they’re rigid, single-tenant, or performant, but not easily scalable, and not that flexible.

We combined the features of the two into one product that suits all needs: Bigstep Metal Cloud. You can get the performance and privacy of isolated environments, with the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud to suit your workloads. It was designed specifically for big data workloads, but it now expanded towards other use cases, such as e-commerce (for its scalability), banking (for its security), high traffic apps (also for scalability), machine learning, and advanced analytics (for its performance), and more.

Bigstep Managed Services – Never Stop, Further Accelerate

Our highly skilled teams will install, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot your bare metal server so you can direct your energy on your core business activities, improve business efficiency, and ultimately increase your revenue.

  • Besides providing the bare metal dedicated server infrastructure, we take care of:

  • Architecture changes, provisioning new services, or security management;

  • Backup and disaster recovery configuration;

Technical consultancy for architecture design and performance optimization.

If you’re curious to find out more detailed information on managed services, you can check this link.


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